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Library Giving Day 2021 Campaign Results

Through the hard work and vision of the Seattle Public Library Foundation and Carl Bloom Associates, what started as an idea has turned into an exciting and successful day of nationwide library support. But the real success is due to the many library organizations across North America that responded to the opportunity, took advantage of the positive momentum and launched their own #LibraryGivingDay campaigns and celebrations, even in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The results have been compiled and are listed below.


Since the inception of the first Library Giving Day in 2019, over 400 library organizations from 45 US States and 5 Canadian Provinces have joined the #LibraryGivingDay movement and a total of $3,411,849 in fundraising revenue has been reported.

The 2021 Library Giving Day was celebrated April 7, 2021, over a year since the wide-scale impact of the pandemic was first felt around the world.

While we all have tried to find a sense of normalcy during these uncertain times, public libraries across North America remained closed to the public.

Yet, the resiliency of libraries to continue serving their communities has been inspiring, and the 2021 Library Giving Day campaign results certainly reflect that.

For the 2021 Library Giving Day campaign, 104 submitted fundraising results, and 101 reported positive fundraising revenue.

What was the total dollar amount raised?

Of the 101 organizations that reported fundraising revenue, the total projected fundraising revenue goal was $1,070,601.

The actual amount raised was $1,561,882 – 46% higher than projected.

Of the organizations who submitted Library Giving Day campaign results, 78% reached their fundraising goal.

How did 2021 compare to 2020 and 2019?

Overall fundraising revenue year-over-year increased from $741,456 in 2019 to $1,108,512 in 2020 – or 49.5% and an increase to $1,561,882 in 2021 – or 41%.

How many people donated?

The total number of donations increased from 5,002 in 2019 to 9,516 in 2020 – or 90.2% and an increase to 13,812 in 2021 – or 45%. The average gift for 2021 was $114.

How did organizations celebrate 2021 Library Giving Day?

Organizations reported conducting multifaceted fundraising campaigns, with a variety of fundraising initiatives and activities. The COVID-19 global pandemic continued to impact organizations’ ability to utilize the actual libraries to promote Library Giving Day, hence the increase from just 2 special events in 2020 to 7 virtual events in 2021.

This is a breakdown of the different channels, methods, and marketing materials organizations used to promote 2021 Library Giving Day:

How many organizations were able to secure a matching grant?

Most organizations were not able to secure a matching grant, most likely due to lack of time or fear and concern brought on by COVID-19. Only 24 organizations – 23% who submitted results – were able to secure a matching grant. However, 22 or 92% achieved or surpassed the match goal. Of the 104 total organizations who responded to requests for 2021 Library Giving Day results, 80 or 77% did not have a matching grant.

Thank you to all the organizations that participated in the 2021 Library Giving Day!

Given the unprecedented circumstances, disruptions, and overall unknown as a result of COVID-19, the 2021 Library Giving Day initiative and the day of celebration was a huge success.

For 2022, plan ahead, work on obtaining a matching grant, build upon what worked in previous years, consider additional fundraising channels, share ideas and success stories and reach out to other organizations for inspiration. Collectively let’s continue to make a difference for public libraries everywhere!

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Together, we can make it a success!