Campaign Resources

Library Giving Day Campaign Tools

Your library is the most important part to make this movement a success. Therefore, we have put together Library Giving Day campaign tools to provide you with all of the resources you need to get started. So, download, print, share and start planning your #LibraryGivingDay campaign today.


Download the official #LibraryGivingDay Toolkit and start planning.

Library Giving Day Toolkit

#LibraryGivingDay Toolkit

Logos & Art

Download the official #LibraryGivingDay logo and other campaign art below.

Library Giving Day horizontal color logo

#LibraryGivingDay color horizontal logo

Download:   eps  |  png

Library Giving Day horizontal b&w logo

#LibraryGivingDay b&w horizontal logo

Download:   eps  |  png

Library Giving Day stacked color logo

#LibraryGivingDay color stacked logo

Download:   eps  |  png

Library Giving Day stacked b&w logo

#LibraryGivingDay b&w stacked logo

Download:   eps  |  png

Library Giving Day come together animated gif

#LibraryGivingDay “Come Together” animated gif

Download:   gif

Library Giving Day celebration animated gif

#LibraryGivingDay “Celebration” animated gif

Download:   gif

Sample Marketing Materials

Download sample marketing materials below.

Library Giving Day poster

#LibraryGivingDay 22″ x 28″ 4-color poster

Download:   zip

Customize the poster for your library. Zip file includes Adobe InDesign file, document fonts, Library Giving Day logo and watermarked photo (for position only). Requires Adobe InDesign. 

Library Giving Day sample email

#LibraryGivingDay sample email

Download:   pdf

This is an example of effective, mobile-friendly copy and design. #LibraryGivingDay recommends a multi-effort email campaign. For assistance with email, social media and more, contact our strategic library fundraising partner at Carl Bloom Associates.

Library Giving Day logo

Together, we can make it a success!