#LibraryGivingDay FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

With the growing popularity of #LibraryGivingDay, a lot of questions have been asked. In an effort to provide you with as much information as possible about #LibraryGivingDay, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions.

We have also shared a recording of the #LibraryGivingDay FAQ Webinar, originally presented on March 22, 2019. The webinar is approximately thirty minutes long, and covers all the Q&A listed on this page but goes into much greater detail on each question.

Plus, the webinar provides some great ideas about how to celebrate and make the most of #LibraryGivingDay.

If you have any questions that weren’t discussed in the webinar, click the CONTACT #LibraryGivingDay button at bottom of page. 

Watch the Library Giving Day FAQ Webinar

Originally recorded March 22, 2019

Absolutely! All libraries are welcome.

We would suggest working together (Friends and Foundation) to reduce donor confusion, and this depends on the current relationship between the two organizations.

Yes, feel free to add your library logo and email address on all materials. You are welcome to take what has been shared and make it your own!

Working together and supporting this campaign would be the best way to leverage. You may find that one entity has a larger email house file or the infrastructure to support this campaign more than the other.

One organization per library system should register online. We would recommend the organization that has the ability to collect donations and send emails should register in case donors click on your listing here.

We strongly recommend further discussions with your leadership team in terms of what would be legally permissible given this is a fundraising campaign.

If you have a Friends organization that has a donation form you could leverage, we would recommend exploring that option. However, any library system without a foundation or friends organization can participate in the awareness building aspect of this work and leveraging the branding.

This will hopefully be a part of your annual efforts and can be woven into your communications at the appropriate time of your campaign. For example, leveraging the #LibraryGivingDay hashtag and momentum is fine without using all of the logos. Using the logos is always a great idea for a unified look, however, during special years you could choose to minimize the use of the logos and tie in the concept in your messaging.

Please review the checklist in the Campaign Toolkit to make sure you have the basic capabilities. Then strategize what is possible given a short timeline, starting with e-news, emails and spreading the word through your library (staff, patrons, volunteers) in a way that is most appropriate for your system and resources.

There are no issues with this. Please keep in mind that as a requirement to participate, we ask that all participants submit their results following the campaign. In this case, you will need to report back what was raised total for the 48 libraries for your system.

Please do not register your individual library branches. The purpose of the Find a Library map is to include only one library system for the purposes of collecting donations and driving people to the right website.

One idea is to integrate the Library Giving Day theme and messaging into your current appeal. It could also be promoted in other ways (e-news, in branches, etc.) Sometimes leveraging this type of email campaign with a match and end date creates a heightened sense of philanthropy that is hard to replicate in a regular email campaign.

Start collecting emails now! This should be a part of your annual efforts to gain new donors, volunteers, and other key constituents throughout the year. Building an electronic communications strategy is something to consider — and making sure #LibraryGivingDay is a part of that plan.

Nothing! This is your campaign to conduct as you like.

You can find the full toolkit, logos, sample emails, and posters here.

You can extend the length of the campaign as long as you like. We encourage you to do many days of promotion, whatever your team can handle.

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Together, we can make it a success!