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Is Your Library Part of the Movement?

The first-ever Library Giving Day was April 10, 2019, and the excitement continues to grow!

In order for #LibraryGivingDay to have its greatest impact, we need as many public libraries as possible to join the movement and make our communities aware of the need for public support.

Below is a list of participating public libraries. As you can see, the list is growing, and we want your public library to be part of it.

Do you work at a public library? If so, you can use the listing below to get in touch with other public library fundraising professionals. Then, ask them how they’re celebrating #LibraryGivingDay.

Are you an individual who appreciates your public library? Check to see if it’s listed below, where you’ll find a link to visit it on the web. And, if your public library is not listed here, please do your part to let them know about #LibraryGivingDay.

#LibraryGivingDay is growing!

Use the Search Tips below to help you find specific library organizations.

Search Tips:

“Filter by” drop menu at top left above map will filter library organizations by US state (Canada is listed too.)

“Search” window below the map, allows you to search by library, city, state, etc.

Individual library organizations listed below the map can be clicked to display the corresponding map marker.

“Show # entries” tool at bottom left below the map will display between 5–100 listings.

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Together, we can make it a success!